Confusion is the enemy of action.

It saps confidence, breeds frustration and wastes energy. To build lasting value, teams need clarity: a way to consistently execute on strategy that’s simple, clear and inspiring. Our PracticalSpeak methods have helped companies of all sizes customize their strategy to leverage their uniqueness and build new strengths seamlessly.

The job of every company is to be different. The practical system of our strategy helps companies attain sustainable differentiation and grow revenue, customers, profits, and develop emerging leaders.

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“I have been helping companies of all sizes apply these practical lessons to punch through the status quo and create lasting advantage.”

Over the last 20 years...

...I’ve had a lot of unforgettable experiences — ones that have shaped my career, beliefs, and approach to both leading and achieving. Experiences that haven’t just helped me transform businesses, but, more importantly, experiences that have changed me and the people around me in meaningful, tangible ways.

I believe that genuine curiosity is the key to learning, developing new ideas, growing teams and businesses. It is the more refreshing way than “knowing it all”. A learning experience travels with us wherever we go, helping us become wiser and teams we work with, smarter. Because people matter most, a learning organization is what scales companies.

I have enjoyed several executive positions throughout my career in Marketing, Strategy, Product Management, Operations and Sales Enablement and in my roles as COO, GM and CMO, I have successfully led businesses ranging from under $20M to over $1B in revenue.


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People who have worked with me have the following to say about me:

  • Distiller of the complex
  • A person who turns visionary instincts into reality
  • Rare combination of strategic acumen and execution mastery
  • He inspires modest groups to transform into powerful world-class teams
  • One of the very best storytellers I know
  • High integrity, selfless, charismatic, thoughtful, and empathetic
  • One of the best analytical minds in marketing